The Coaching App
for team games

Explore new exercise ideas

Save time by using exercises from other coaches

Ready-made drills: When you start using CoPlays we will provide you with few ready-made drills. When you start subscribing we'll offer you bunch more!

Club: When your club uses CoPlays, you can see which kind of drills other coaches in your club are doing and you can have the club's whole game identity in your pocket!

Create exercise animations

Clearly demonstrate your exercises

Informative: Others also understand your message and what you want to say.

Fun: Trust us, players like to watch animations way more than a piece of paper.

Easy: CoPlays is the world's easiest animation tool! Take 10-15 minutes to learn it and you will master it!

Create, share and schedule practice

No more slow emailing to assistant coaches

Fast: Swipe from left to the right and you are done. Seriously! It takes only few seconds and everyone in your team knows what is going to happen.

Share: Sharing the practice information beforehand makes the beginning of your practice less hassle and it makes the whole session more efficient!

Be ready: Proper preparation prevents poor performance!

Archive everything

Upload your current videos and PDFs and never ever lose your practices again

Archive: Don't do thing twice! CoPlays archives everything you do!

Use again: Don't lose your drills or ready-made practices ever again, but use them time after time!

Share feedback and communicate

Share feedback to players, coaches and club members

Communicate: CoPlays is a communication platform for the whole team and for the club.

Feedback: Communicate with your assistant coaches and players.